TEMPAR All-round monitoring for your peace of mind:

A precision measuring machine is obviously the basic requirement for precise measurement. However, coordinate measuring machines only reach their maximum precision if temperature, temperature gradients and air humidity are within certain limits. All-round monitoring of the measuring environment is child's play with TEMPAR. This is because TEMPAR measures and logs all the values which are relevant for precision without any action on your part. And TEMPAR warns you immediately if they should spiral out of control. You can therefore be absolutely certain that your measuring results are reliable.

Tracking down errors

TEMPAR can do considerably more than a data logger, since TEMPAR does not just display a single temperature. In fact TEMPAR creates a spatial temperature profile for you. You can therefore track down possible error sources in no time at all. The profile enables you to see very quickly whether e.g. the air conditioner outlet or an open window is responsible for the temperature limit violation. And because TEMPAR also precisely determines humidity, barometric pressure and air flow, you can locate and eliminate causes of further problems into the bargain.
You maintain an overview with TEMPAR in spite of the flood of recorded data, because you specify which and how many of the determined values are clearly displayed on one side of the dashboard and not us. You are free to decide whether you wish to display current values or history data. Furthermore, you can see at a glance whether a specific machine is in spec. You can integrate various widgets for individualization of the settings.

Nine sensors in the room

A standard sensor network consists of nine temperature sensors. Two sensors are mounted at different heights in each corner of the room. The ninth sensor is located in the centre as far as possible. We recommend using a sensor calibrated by a testing laboratory of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and eight factory-calibrated sensors, in order to provide the desired measurement accuracy.
Good to know: The measuring machines of ZEISS specify the limits for all environmental values within which the respective measurement accuracy is guaranteed. If you use TEMPAR, you only have to select these limits in the system. However, you can also define the limits yourself for any other requirements. This makes TEMPAR  an open system for a variety of applications – even extending beyond metrology.

Analyses for error detection

You want to view the data in real time and also analyse it in retrospect? No problem. We offer various data exports which enable you to store the data safely and document the determined values. This helps you to analyse and remedy causes of errors, e.g. in the event of recurring fluctuations.
The analyses can be carried out directly on the console and via the PC.
In addition to this, you can link TEMPAR to the ZEISS PiWeb software. You can thereby match your temperature values to the measuring results and easily prove that your measurement has been performed correctly – for your peace of mind and that of your customers.

Four packages – for your requirements

We make it easier for you to reach a decision with the TEMPAR packages. Simply select the package which meets your requirements. You thereby obtain just what you need to monitor your measuring room.

The size or height of your measuring room is something which is impossible for us to know, of course. So bear your spatial conditions in mind when you order the cable lengths.

TEMPAR starter: Reduced to the bare essentials. Use this entry-level solution if you want to develop a feeling for the environmental conditions. Does not conform to VDI/VDE 2627!

TEMPAR basic: The standard package for the measuring room. This package provides the basis for your reliability with nine temperature sensors and one humidity sensor. Including a representation of the measuring room class.

TEMPAR mobile: When you need to be flexible! Use this solution for flexible applications, because attachment of the sensors to mobile stands makes you independent of a fixed location. The package includes eight temperature sensors and one humidity sensor. Including a representation of the measuring room class.

TEMPAR precision: For high-precision measuring machines! Choose this package if you have higher requirements for the measuring uncertainty of the temperature sensors.

Cockpit – Monitoring of all measuring rooms

TEMPAR Cockpit enables you to monitor several measuring rooms at the same time, regardless of whether they are a few metres or thousands of kilometres apart. In this respect, data from all the measuring rooms is retrieved by the respective TEMPAR consoles and displayed on the dashboard customized to your requirements. All the relevant information of a location or even several locations can be pooled thereby. You can therefore see whether the measuring results of the individual measuring rooms are comparable with each other and also immediately see if any problems have occurred, e.g. a measurement has not been performed.
The TEMPAR Cockpit also provides you with the relevant information directly at your workplace – including a messaging function if limits are exceeded. And it goes without saying that you can also call up your data via mobile devices and comfortably check from home whether all the values in your measuring room are correct.

TEMPAR Enterprise increases your freedom of choice

TEMPAR Enterprise leaves nothing to be desired, no matter whether you are looking for basic equipment or a complete solution for a corporate group. This is because this option enables you to configure your sensor network with respect to the number of sensors and cable length completely in line with your needs. You thereby increase the reliability of the determined values, e.g. in narrow and winding rooms or separated areas. Needless to say, our TEMPAR Cockpit is also available to you here.
Flexibility of structure

You connect any desired number of sensors to your Cockpit with TEMPAR Enterprise. Taking advantage of this freedom, you can flexibly divide a room into several areas e.g. if you only need the gradients for individual measuring machines. This means that you don't have to monitor the complete room to be on the safe side. Please note: According to VDI/VDE 2627, nine sensors are required to guarantee a reliable spatial representation

TEMPAR Animation

Video: TEMPAR temperature sensor network

TEMPAR Cockpit

Process Data in Real Time

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Determining informative temperature profiles

Nine temperature sensors make up the robust bus-based sensor network TEMPAR, which conforms to the standards of VDI/VDE Guideline 2627.

The great advantage: In contrast to a single thermometer or simple data logger, TEMPAR records the room temperature profile on a differentiated basis instead of one-dimensionally. This is the key to the precision of the coordinate measuring machines, because the room temperature fluctuates depending on the height and distance from machine tools, doors, windows, air conditioning units or heaters. Consequently, the informative value of a measurement with a single thermometer depends entirely on its location in the room.

Added to this is the fact that not only excessively high or low temperatures can adversely affect the accuracy of the measuring machines. Spatial fluctuations can also affect them to a considerable extent, especially in the case of high-precision measuring machines and in production halls. On the other hand, TEMPAR enables you to obtain a detailed picture of your temperature distribution in the room - to the benefit of more accurate measuring results.

Tracking down errors

Does cold air stream in through an open door in each late shift? Or does the summer midday sun increase the temperature in a part of the room to the detriment of the measuring results?

Not only spatial temperature fluctuations but also anomalies in the course of the day or the year have an adverse affect on the precision of the measuring results. The TEMPAR console documents all the measured temperatures and outputs various statistics at the press of a button. In this way, you can identify the patterns behind anomalies, and analyze, rectify and avoid them in future.

An additional option is the connection of the software to the ZEISS PiWeb statistics tool, which analyzes, evaluates and graphically represents quality and process data in real time. Measuring results of the coordinate measuring machines can be merged with the values from TEMPAR in PiWeb. This enables you to identify correlations and possible weak points in the quality process more easily.

Keep an eye on the big picture

If the ambient values for a specific measuring machine get out of control, a clear warning lights up on the console of the monitoring system. You can see at a glance which of your measuring machines are currently operating under conditions outside the specified range via the operator interface. The quality class of the measuring room is also displayed in real time on request.

The TEMPAR cockpit also consolidates all the ambient temperatures and gradients of all measuring rooms and production environments across all your locations in real time. You can access this view from any location via the intuitive user interface. The cockpit contributes to creating the same prerequisites at all locations for comparable measuring results.

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